Accelerating Access to Space

Posted on 10th April 2019

As technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and governments seek to exploit the expanding nature and range of commercial space activities, Access Partnership’s qualified advice minimises our clients commercial, technical and regulatory risks and help accelerate their time to market.  This document details the international regulatory landscape as it relates to space activity, identifies emerging trends in how regulators are considering “new-space” ventures, and discusses regulatory risk in the context of a complete space mission to minimise time to market for “new-space” technologies and services.

The UN Space Law Treaties and Principles govern the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space, including registration, liability and return of objects launched into space. The ITU Radio Regulations (ITU RR) and Rules of Procedure describe the procedures used by member states seeking access to orbital and spectrum resources.

How these obligations to the UN and ITU are met under national laws govern how companies can secure market access. Obligations can be broadly mapped according to the diagram below:

Access to Space

Table of Contents:

  1. Relevance and Scope of International and National Laws
  2. Developing Regulatory Trends for ‘New Space’
  3. Regulatory Requirements in ‘New Space’ Planning

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