Access Partnership Announces the Launch of a New Advisory Board

Posted on 6th July 2020

Ed Vaizey, Martha Suarez, Mike Senkowski, Nancy Victory, Simon Bax and Stephen Pattison appointed to provide expert consultancy as part of new Access Partnership initiative

London & Washington, D.C. – 6 July, 2020. Access Partnership, the global public policy consultancy for the technology sector, has announced the launch of a new advisory board to provide global vision across its practices with the initial appointments of Ed Vaizey, Martha Suarez, Mike Senkowski, Nancy Victory, Simon Bax and Stephen Pattison.

As a past minister and Member of the UK Parliament for 14 years, Ed Vaizey brings a wealth of government experience to the board, having overseen the UK launch of 4G, efforts to improve mobile coverage in rural areas and consolidation in the industry. In his new role Vaizey will bring his global expertise to the board, while also using his position to keep himself and the Access Partnership team well informed about developments in the technology sector.

In her role as co-chair for the US and global telecoms group for DLA Piper, Nancy Victory is a legal authority of connectivity matters, and a former Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Administrator of the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration, in which capacity she served as advisor to the President on all telecommunications matters.

Victory is joined on the board by her fellow co-chair at DLA Piper, Mike Senkowski, who has known Access Partnership for over a decade, with the two parties having teamed up previously on a range of overlapping and complementary issues. Senkowski specialises in spectrum and competition issues and has prior government experience as Chief of Staff at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, which will be highly beneficial to his role on the board.

Dr. Martha Suarez, President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) and former Head of the National Spectrum Agency of Colombia has successfully advocated for the efficient use of spectrum, which is critical to addressing key social and economic challenges, such as connecting the unconnected and enabling the next generation of wireless communications.

A veteran board member of major UK media and technology companies, including Channel 4 and Inmarsat, Simon Bax was introduced to Access Partnership when he chaired WiSpire – an initiative that established rural wireless broadcast technology in East Anglia in conjunction with the diocese of Norwich. He is looking forward to bringing his extensive experience in telecoms and media to the Access Partnership advisory board.

As VP Public Affairs at Arm, a global high-tech company known for its design of microprocessors, Stephen Pattison, is engaged in the relationship between technology security and privacy. By joining Access Partnership’s advisory board, Pattison wants to make sure that the public debate about technology is a two way exchange to ensure that technology can advance in a way that benefits every country and every person.

Gregory Francis, Managing Director, Access Partnership, commented, “Our new advisory board will allow us to see farther into the future, which is what the technology sector expects of us; their combined experience will help us shape a stable future for the sector, on terms that allow all countries to benefit.”

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