Access Partnership Feature in This Year’s Observer Research Foundation Journal

Posted on 4th October 2017

The online and offline worlds have never been closer together. With the free-flowing and growing interaction between the two, how can one be regulated without consequences for the other? That’s the theme of this year’s Digital Debatesthe journal of the Observer Research Foundation’s CyFy conference, held in New Delhi on 3 and 4 October, which features contributions from three Access Partnership staff.

In Applications and Policy Considerations for AI in Cyber Security and Public Services, Ryan Johnson and Seha Yatim discuss how to manage the relationship between AI (and other innovative technologies) and public life, as well as looking ahead to the disruption they may cause.

In Challenges for a New Economy: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Logan Finucan describes the effects of the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s technologies. The Internet of Things and machine-to-machine connections, underpinned by data on a massive scale, could transform human welfare – if managed and guided by good policy.

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