Access Partnership to Host WSIS 2018 Panel on Cybersecurity

Posted on 15th March 2018

Access Partnership will host a panel on “Collaboration Between Stakeholders to Ensure a More Secure and Stable Cyberspace” at WSIS Forum 2018, the world’s largest annual gathering of the ICT for development community.

About the Panel

Cybersecurity threats can damage international stability and trust in ICT systems; for both companies and end-users, they’re a great risk. Identifying and mitigating risk is therefore crucial. To do so, it’s essential to foster state-to-state, industry-to-industry and state-to-industry collaboration, but the competing interests that stakeholders often have makes collaboration challenging. On this panel, we will identify the most pressing challenges to government and industry, and discuss recommendations to address them. We’ll use the discussion to share ideas and good practice from across the board in order to find a workable framework that benefits all stakeholders.

Join us in Geneva or through remote participation on 22 March at 11am CET/10am GMT by registering now on the ITU website.



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