Webinar Recording | Deep Fakes: Innovate, Facilitate or Regulate?

Posted on 8th April 2020

From election meddling and disinformation to celebrity revenge porn, a form of AI known as “Deep Fakes” has created fear among global regulators. The US Congress introduced twelve bills that ban or regulate the technology and the Trump Administration marked it for future export control action. But why is it so controversial? The technology behind Deep Fakes has the power to improve medical diagnosis, help astronomers map the stars, improve autonomous vehicle safety, and even save civilian lives in war. It could also be key for democracies competing on AI development.

On the back of the recently cancelled SXSW conference, we broadcasted our session via a live webinar. Join our panellists as they examine what deep fakes are, why they are so controversial and if there are redeeming use cases. Find out more about the panel here.


Watch the full Webinar recording here.


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