Guide to Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)

Posted on 24th February 2020

Guide to CERTs image

Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), alternatively referred to as Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) or Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) are groups of technical cybersecurity professionals who aid large organizations, such as enterprises, governments, or entire nations in preventing, detecting, responding to and recovering from cybersecurity incidents. They are an important part of the defensive cybersecurity ecosystem, complementing defensive cybersecurity teams, government agencies, digital forensic and cybersecurity consulting firms.

CERTs are critical in bolstering defences against cybersecurity threats of all types. Acknowledging the growing importance of CERTs as digital transformation gains pace in Asia, this report presents an overview of CERTs and serves as a guide for governments and industry in Asia to help identify best practices in the creation and operation of CERTs. This report was created in collaboration with industry experts, governments, and CERTs working in Asia*.

*This report was created by The Coalition for Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific (CCAPAC) – a group made up of Amazon Web Services, Becton Dickinson, CISCO, Intel and Access Partnership.

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