Anticipating WRC-23

This document details industry developments ahead of WRC-23 and identifies potential challenges resulting from existing submissions of agenda items.


As more and more connectivity devices enter the global market, radio communications providers using satellites, mobile or Wi-Fi must ensure radio compatibility and coexistence between services across locations and frequency bands.

The World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC) gathers national administrations and industry members every four years to discuss the allocation of global radio spectrum and technical standards for telecommunications. At the WRC, participants:

  • Update the Radio Regulations (RR) and any associated frequency assignment to devices, regions and technologies.
  • Address any global radiocommunication, for example resolving an issue between Mobile and Satellite systems deployed in the same area and using the same frequency bands.

Looking beyond the upcoming WRC-19 this fall, regional groups are preparing for WRC-23. Industry players have an opportunity to get involved, pre-empt conflicting interests, and find a solution to ensure coexistence with current allocations without constraints or interference.

Download our PDF for more information on WRC-23.

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