Public Policy Intern

Employment type: Full time or part-time

Location: Washington DC

Job description

Access Partnership enables consumer access to technology. To do this, we create the environment that allows governments to adopt technologies effectively and responsibly by analysing global trends for the risks and opportunities they create for technology businesses and users of technology, identifying strategies to mitigate those risks and driving opportunities to our clients’ advantage. Our firm uniquely mixes public policy and engineering competencies to achieve our goals. We have five offices around the world and are growing.

Our offices support information technology clients from cloud and broadband providers to satellite, space, software, and mobile companies. We cover public policy issues across the information technology and telecommunications fields — including data and trade policy, cybersecurity, and Internet governance.

If you are ready for a challenge, please apply.


Desired skills and experience




You will be remunerated on an hourly basis. The internship would be for an initial term of three months. We are open to flexible schedules, but would prefer a candidate who is available in the office at least 20 hours per week.

How to apply