Ensuring Your Company’s Privacy Compliance

Rules around data and privacy globally are changing rapidly, and often in divergent ways. Companies can still shape the emerging landscape, but the window of opportunity is closing fast. We can help you strike the right balance.

How Access Partnership Can Help:

  • Understand the risk landscape: Strategic advice to help you understand and manage the complex cultural and policy environments around privacy.
  • Monitor and analyse the impact on your business: Policy monitoring and risk analysis, tailored to your products and services, to identify existing and upcoming regulatory barriers and opportunities.
  • In-depth research and investigation: Gather local intelligence from our contacts and help clients understand the unique conditions and context of the market.
  • Design and implement advocacy campaigns: Launch advocacy efforts targeting competing interests, whether they’re poorly-written laws or other companies.
  • International Data Policy Database (IDPD): IDPD compiles data protection laws and regulation into a single electronic database, accessible by your teams anywhere in the world and updated by our staff whenever the relevant policies and regulations change.

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