Ensuring Your Company’s Privacy Compliance

As data and technology dependency grows, so do cybersecurity threats, privacy concerns and questions about how to protect your data and IT infrastructure. Policy-makers are responding by regulating quickly, significantly complicating the business environment for small and mid-size companies. This is particularly true for businesses trying to operate across borders in multiple legal jurisdictions.

As these trends force clients to move away from traditional compliance-driven “check-the-box” approaches, companies that want to derive value from their data must adopt a comprehensive approach to data management​.

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What Access Partnership Provides

Access Partnership has the skills, expertise and infrastructure necessary to provide companies, large and small, with everything they need to operate securely
and without regulatory risk. Our Data Governance Advisory Team monitors cybersecurity and data policy developments around the world, helps organisations respond and build their capabilities, and promotes regulations that encourage growth.

We provide:

  • Assessed regulatory risks
  • Assured compliance with international regulatory regimes
  • Customised data governance frameworks
  • Fully developed and implemented internal policies
  • Monitoring of developments and best practice


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