Drive your cybersecurity culture

Increased access to and reliance on connected technologies has created cybersecurity concerns, including national security ones. Tech companies must engender trust among consumers, government, and regulators as market access is continuously challenged by the shifting landscape of standards.

By participating in the discussion and advocating best practice, Access Partnership can advise policy-makers and determine the risks and opportunities as they emerge.

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What Access Partnership Provides

  • Data protection and privacy — monitoring and driving the outcomes of public policy debates and implementing strategies and polices in clients’ key markets.
  • Standards development — advocating for cybersecurity standards in regional and international bodies (including the EU, the ITU, and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)).
  • Market access — opening new markets to cybersecurity products, including promoting national-level identity governance, access management regulations, and cryptography standards.
  • Policy monitoring — monitoring the development of cybersecurity policies in key markets to identify current and upcoming regulatory barriers, including domestic standards, security policies and certifications (for example, security reviews for routing hardware), and export and import requirements.
  • Political risk — helping our clients manage political risk and mitigate negative impact on their business from policy developments.
  • Procurementpromoting the adoption of cybersecurity technologies and guiding the development of rules for government procurement of these technologies in various markets worldwide, including the EU, Canada, the US, and India.