Senior Management

Gregory Francis

Greg Francis

Managing Director

Greg supports some of the world’s largest governments and companies in developing and executing public affairs strategies.

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Picture of Laura Sallstrom

Laura Sallstrom

Global Head of Public Policy

Laura shapes policies on intellectual property, privacy and security, and leads our public policy team.

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Picture of Colin Thomson

Colin Thomson

Director, Technical Advisory and Regulatory Engineering

Colin provides regulatory and technical support to wireless network operators, governments, and equipment manufacturers.

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Picture of Nina Beebe

Nina Beebe

Director for Emerging Markets

Nina directs licensing in support of rollout of aeronautical, maritime and terrestrial networks and services globally. Nina develops […]

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Christopher Casarrubias

Director, Emerging ICT Markets

Christopher leads advocacy campaigns for new services and products, develops public policy and market access strategies for clients in the technology sector, and provides clients with intelligence on emerging ICT policies and gives advice on how to shape them

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Simon Jones

Head of Growth

Simon Jones is Access Partnership’s Head of Growth, and is responsible for reforming and monitoring company processes to […]

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Tymoteusz Kurpeta

Director, Market Access and Regulatory Compliance

As Director for Market Access and Regulatory Compliance, Tymoteusz ensures that clients’ technologies and services are authorised everywhere they operate. The team he leads then ensures compliance with national and international regulations in every jurisdiction in the world, on time, and on budget.

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Abdou Lo

Director for Africa

Abdou is Access Partnership’s Director for Africa, and leads its office in Dakar, Senegal, supporting clients in the charitable, communications, food, government, pharmaceutical and energy sectors with African policy environments.

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C Martin-B

Christopher Martin

Director, Asia Pacific

Christopher leads Access Partnership’s Singapore office and manages operations in the Asia Pacific. He works with global companies and organisations to develop strategies, shape policy discussions and access new markets.

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Alexis Martin

Director, Technical Advisory and Market Access

As Director, Technical Advisory and Market Access, Alexis provides support to telecom clients and ensures existing and groundbreaking technologies benefit from rapid and consistent access to the relevant spectrum.

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M McDermott-B

Matthew McDermott

Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa Public Policy

Matthew is our Director for Public Policy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, advising across a range of sectors and managing engagement with governments and international organisations.

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Alexis Serfaty

Director of Global Public Policy

Alexis Serfaty is Access Partnership’s Director of Global Public Policy and helps lead US operations from Washington, DC.

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