UK & Europe


Chris Snowdon

Senior Manager, UK & Europe

Chris is an adviser to industrial clients and to national regulatory authorities on all matters of policy, with a specialism in the regulation of satellite services.

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Mike Thompson

Director, Technical Development

Mike provides technical and engineering support to network operators in the terrestrial and satellite markets.

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Picture of Nina Beebe

Nina Beebe

Head of Region, UK & Europe

Leading Access Partnership’s UK and Europe geographic practice, Nina develops and implements market access strategies, designs trade advocacy campaigns, and performs network due diligence for commercial, government and military clients across the region. These include global network operators, service providers, governments and military establishments, as well as international organisations.

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Tiernan Kenny

Policy Manager, UK & Europe

Tiernan is a Policy Manager at Access Partnership, working on technology issues at a European Union and national level. He advises companies on policy and political trends covering the full spectrum of ICT topics.

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Haude Lannon

Senior Manager, UK & Europe

Haude specialises in EU policy, Brexit and business development. She analyses policy issues, identifies political trends and supports Access Partnership’s advocacy activities.

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Mike Laughton

Policy Manager, UK & Europe

Mike’s main expertise lies in EU policy, Brexit, digital tax and space. He works to inform decision-makers and companies in the digital and space sectors worldwide on issues including data privacy, cybersecurity and Internet governance.

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Simona Lipstaite

Senior Policy Manager, UK & Europe

Simona’s main focus is on European Union policies, Brexit, and national capitals in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She works to inform decision-makers and companies in the ICT sector worldwide on issues including data privacy, security, and Internet governance.

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Héloïse Martorell

Policy Analyst

Héloïse monitors the policy and regulatory landscape in Europe, with a special focus on France and the UK. She advises businesses on the political landscape in the region and the risks and opportunities they create for their operations. She specialises in privacy, digital policy, and Internet governance issues.

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Andrew Sikorski

Policy Adviser

Andrew provides advice on policy and regulation to a number of clients, delivering access to markets across the globe.

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