EE Times: Wireless Vendors, Get to WRC!

Posted on 8th July 2019

Access Partnership’s Managing Director Greg Francis wrote an op-ed for EE Times. In his article, he argues that although the WRC conference is not happening for years, unless broadband and telecoms start thinking about it now, and reserving their seat at the table, they will not have the chance to set their own agendas or get their voice heard in an increasingly high stakes global game. The disadvantages of not planning for it will compound, particularly around areas such as intergovernmental negotiations and cross-border issues, shared responsibility and common international standards, for example in the case of self-driving vehicles. To fully have a voice, companies need to start thinking about it right now.

“Most big tech companies come late to this party, an oversight that will badly delay rollout of broadband, cloud computing, and unmanned vehicles worldwide.  This is bad for business, and worse for developing-country consumers who aspire to wireless access as the most promising route to economic opportunity, education and social services.  If broadband really is a human right, such corporate tardiness needs to change.”

Read the full article here.

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