Shaping Policy Outcomes for Emerging Technologies

We are the leading experts for the policy issues that could suppress or encourage new technologies.  When regulations are a poor fit for innovations, we are experienced in identifying and overcoming these regulatory barriers and help you bring them to market.

Our emerging technology practice brings together years of global expertise, country-specific rules and policy stakeholder networks around the world. Our staff includes experts on:

  • Data protection and privacy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Trade and market access rules
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technical standards development
  • Telecommunications
  • Blockchain regulation
  • OTT/VoIP

To support your business and advocacy efforts in this complex market, Access Partnership offers clients the chance to:

  • Shape market entrance strategiesWe provide strategic advice considering the complex political and policy environment impacting trade to help companies make strategic decisions regarding market entrance and investment.
  • Monitor and analyse policies and standards for their impact on your businessWe monitor and analyse the impact of tech policies on our clients’ products and services to identify existing and upcoming regulatory barriers and opportunities.
  • Research and reportsWe conduct research and gather intelligence to understand the issues impacting new technologies and build reports and advocacy materials for clients to explain and build positive narratives around their products.
  • Execute advocacy campaignsWe can launch policy campaigns targeting policy-makers and key stakeholders to shape narratives around emerging technology issues and support policy outcomes that enable growth.