Forbes: America Should Finish Rebuilding China

Posted on 18th June 2019

Access Partnership’s Head of Data Policy & Trust Laura Sallstrom spoke to Forbes on US China trade history:

“The plethora of American companies that build their products in China then ship them to the rest of the world are contributing positively to its trade balance. Years of forced technology transfer, partnership requirements, lesser WTO standards than other trading partners…these all contributed to the growth of China. The Chinese leadership has been pretty masterful in identifying new technologies, new business growth areas, and direction of economic development,” observes Sallstrom. “They also have put the full weight of the government behind delivering on those policies.  Whether that’s been achieved at the cost of others is another question.  Whether it would have been successful policy if U.S. industry and previous administrations hadn’t agreed to those policies in the interest of short term gain, is still another question.”

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