Forbes: US-China Trade: Huawei is Drilling a Hole at the Bottom of a Sinking Titanic

Posted on 31st May 2019

On the back of Huawei’s filing of a motion for summary judgement last week and the followed press release, Access Partnership’s Policy Manager and China Practice Lead Xiaomeng Lu spoke to Forbes:

“Huawei’s emotional statement is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of their problem in the US,” says Lu. “The Chinese telecom equipment giant has a recorded history of sanctions violations, and attempts to skirt CFIUS process.” That’s why Lu thinks Huawei will not win the case.  “Kaspersky tried the same lawsuit Huawei is filing for the same reason and lost it,” explains Lu. “Huawei will not win this case since U.S. courts always side with the other two branches on national security issues. What’s more, their ownership structure never answers the question ‘Who owns Huawei?’ adding one more layer of distrust.”

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