Are You Aware of Country-Specific Market Access Requirements?

Our heatmap service tracks high-level regulatory information and compiles all market access requirements into a single and secure electronic platform, accessible by your teams anywhere in the world, and updated with relevant policy or regulatory changes.

Our heatmap will help you understand regulation at all levels and identify barriers, as well as facilitate market entry to meet your business objectives.

Our Approach

We offer flexible, accessible, and user-friendly heatmaps providing high-level regulatory overviews of any jurisdiction. Our deliverables can be tailored to a specific product or service, and our recommendations will be targeted to your commercial needs.


Our reports include:

  • Registration, incorporation, or ownership restrictions
  • Service licences
  • Lawful intercept requirements
  • Data localisation and retention requirements
  • Taxation and import burdens
  • Spectrum requirements and fees
  • Data centres and transfer of personal data requirements
  • Associated risks
  • Recommendations for market entry

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