The Final (Brexit) Countdown

Posted on 6th April 2017

Lord Kerr had never imagined the United Kingdom would leave the European Union when he drafted the text of Article 50 in 2003. Nevertheless, the process has begun – what lies ahead? Haude Lannon counts down the expected events before the UK leaves the EU.

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Business-to-Business Platforms and Intermediary Liability

Posted on 27th March 2017

How do you stand on an unbalanced platform? Public Policy Manager Matt Allison looks at the Commission’s evolving response to liability for online services.

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WikiLeaks’ Vault 7: CIA Gives a Free Lesson in Personal Cyber Security

Posted on 8th March 2017

Ryan Johnson talks about the tantalizing trove of Vault 7. But what lessons does it have for our own cybersecurity?

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ICANN Can Help China Secure Cyberspace

Posted on 7th March 2017

Managing Director of Access Partnership, Gregory Francis, on China’s approach to regulation and ICANN.

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A Template for Adequacy: EU Pitches for Data Protection Gold Standard

Posted on 9th February 2017

Unnoticed by Brussels-watchers, the European Commission is moving ahead with promoting their data protection regime. Matt Allison on their endgame and its implications.

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Cloud computing: Lonely wanderer no more?

Posted on 3rd October 2016

Cloud computing has enjoyed relative freedom from regulation but, as the services they provide grow in importance, this might change, writes Anna Guégan.

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