Tech Policy Trends 2020 | Europe First: A New Wave of Tech Protectionism in Europe

Posted on 16th January 2020

European leaders believe 2020 is the time to act to defend Europe’s interests and promote regional industry. The EU plans to promote this view by boosting its capabilities to compete with leading tech nations. It will adopt a three step approach of imposing more tech regulation and standards, assessing reliance on foreign technology, and creating European alternatives. These initiatives will put Europe first and protect European values in the tech sphere.

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Tech Policy Trends 2020 | Data Sharing Regulations Heat Up in 2020

Posted on 15th January 2020

2020 will be the year of regulation on data sharing. In Europe, the EU Commission had indicated they will work on the ePrivacy Regulation that aims to regulate how companies share data.  Australia’s Consumer Data Right rules for the banking sector will be implemented in July 2020 and extended to the energy and telecommunications industries. Japan introduced “information banks” to encourage data sharing and Singapore launched the “Trusted Data Sharing Framework” in 2019 and is striving for higher adoption in 2020. As more countries prepare to launch 5G networks, further collaboration among ecosystem partners will be encouraged. In this context, we anticipate several policy trends surrounding data sharing to emerge in 2020.

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Tech Policy Trends 2020 | The Rise of ‘Green Technology’: Policy Implications for ICTs

Posted on 13th January 2020

Sustainability, climate change and ‘green’ processes have become priority items in the agendas of policy-makers and regulators worldwide. While none of these are new topics, there has been an increased focus of the world’s attention on these issues in recent years. “Sustainable growth” has become one of the most used terms in policy forums globally, and policy-makers, regulators and industry have been tasked with working together to find solutions that may contribute to the creation of sustainable, green and energy efficient industries.

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Tech Policy Trends 2020 | Spectrum Sharing Moves into Mainstream

Posted on 9th January 2020

Spectrum sharing relates to the eternal problem of how to get the most efficient use from the finite resource that is radio spectrum. As the demand for spectrum is expected to surge in 2020, there are few key events that are instrumental in driving spectrum sharing, positioning it as an attractive, and in some instances the only viable solution to spectrum allocation problems faced by regulators and governments.

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Tech Policy Trends 2020 | 5G Security: Time to Decide

Posted on 8th January 2020

The expected use of 5G as a fundamental enabler of manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities, industry, agriculture and other applications makes it a strategically vital part of a country’s infrastructure. As 5G is set to become a prominent feature in our lives, there will be an increased focus on 5G network security in 2020.

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Tech Policy Trends 2020 | AI Regulation Takes Shape: A Look at the EU and US

Posted on 7th January 2020

2020 will be an important year for Europe and the US in forging their own approaches to AI regulation, with implications for the way transatlantic companies will conduct business on both sides of the Atlantic.

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S&P Global: Huawei Product Quality Could Suffer if US Expands Tech Ban

Posted on 6th January 2020

Access Partnership’s Head of Data Policy & Trust, Mike Clauser, spoke to S&P Global about the proposed ban on Huawei in the US: “Even if Huawei is taken off the export control list tomorrow, and even if President Trump and Chairman Xi strike a huge trade deal, there remains every incentive for Huawei, ZTE Corp., Datang Telecom Technology Co. Ltd., and other [Chinese] key players to ‘design-out’ American components.”

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