Future Internet Conference 2019: A Peek into the New Era of Hyper-Connectivity

Posted on 17th June 2019

As Europe prepares for the rollout of 5G this summer, Forum Europe gathered over 170 EU policy makers, industry players and civil servants in Brussels on 6 June. The event highlighted key developments in Internet-based technologies and their governance in Europe.

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Digital Policy Initiatives Calendar

Posted on 14th June 2019

Access Partnership has extensive experience in helping clients navigate multilateral institutions to achieve their goals. Whether enabling innovative communications technologies or defending a globally interoperable Internet, our global network and experience gives us the skills, access, and connections to get results. Get involved with some of the multilateral discussion opportunities around the world.

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Key Takeaways from the AI for Good Summit: Bridging the Understanding of AI

Posted on 12th June 2019

The AI for Good Global Summit — the leading UN platform for inclusive dialogue on AI — was hosted by the ITU in partnership with UN sister agencies in Geneva between 27-31 May. Leading minds in AI, business, government and civil society examined practical applications of AI for economic development and social good.

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AI Regulation: Where Is It and Where Should It Go?

Posted on 7th June 2019

As of late, a number of hot topics have arisen in data policy, notably: how to ensure data privacy for individuals; the role of government in the regulation of technology; and how best to effectively and ethically leverage big data.  At the forefront of these discussions is regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). As governments race to regulate AI, they should proceed with caution and seek to balance the needs of society and the private sector.


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Forbes: US-China Trade War At A New Low Point: What Are The Retaliatory Options For The Two Sides

Posted on 1st June 2019

Access Partnership’s Public Policy Manager Xiaomeng Lu spoke to Forbes on US-China retaliatory options in the trade war: “If Beijing decides to go out of traditional negotiation lanes, America’ Iran sanction plan might become another flash point in the deteriorating US-China relations.” Read the full story here.

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Forbes: US-China Trade: Huawei is Drilling a Hole at the Bottom of a Sinking Titanic

Posted on 31st May 2019

On the back of Huawei’s filing of a motion for summary judgement last week and the followed press release, Access Partnership’s Policy Manager and China Practice Lead Xiaomeng Lu spoke to Forbes: “Huawei’s emotional statement is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of their problem in the US. The Chinese telecom equipment giant has a recorded history of sanctions violations, and attempts to skirt CFIUS process.” 

Read the full story here.

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Taking Stock of the 2019 EU Elections: New Dynamics are Emerging

Posted on 30th May 2019

The EU elections confirmed some expectations but also came with some surprises. Greater diversity and higher turnout demonstrate a Europeanisation of political life around big societal issues. As 751 seats are now in the process of being filled, it is time to take stock of yet another fascinating election by addressing the critical changes and uncovering how these may affect EU digital policymaking.

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