World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF) – Client information note

Posted on 20th August 2012

The current working document of the upcoming WTPF (14-16 May 2013), the Secretary General’s Report, calls into question the effectiveness of the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance, opens the door to an expanded role for the ITU in developing Internet policy, and treats a number of other issues that, if opened for broad review, could hamper growth in Internet services and content.

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First UAE Telecommunications Advisory Group

Posted on 1st November 2011

Access Partnership is exceptionally proud of its Abu Dhabi office and its director, Zeina Mokaddem, for assembling the first telecommunications industry advisory group in the UAE. Recognition from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), which has set a standard of excellence among regulators across the region, is well matched to our ambitions for this market. Our thanks to the TRA for their hard work, and their kind recognition of ours.

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Access Partnership Acquires Sallstrom Consulting

Posted on 19th September 2011

Access Partnership, a global firm assisting ICT companies in gaining unprecedented access to new markets, today announced the acquisition of Sallstrom Consulting. The combined entity delivers highly skilled staff with significant local reach, whose clients include governments, multinationals, non-governmental organizations, and niche technology firms – including nearly a dozen Fortune 100 companies.

Laura Sallstrom, now Access Partnership’s Director of North America and Asia Pacific, brings to the firm a wealth of experience supporting the technology industry across more than 65 countries. With offices in London, Abu Dhabi, and Washington, DC, the firm now provides a one-stop shop focused on increasing market share and shaping pro-business policies to govern the converging telecommunications and information technology sectors. Access Partnership’s practice areas include: market access for terrestrial and space-based broadband services, Internet governance, intellectual property protection, technology standards, and international trade.

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Market Access Challenges

Posted on 30th May 2011

Since 1999, Access Partnership has been helping some of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, investment groups and government agencies to gain access to new markets, obtain valuable spectrum and introduce new services and organisations into previously underserved markets. Helen Jameson speaks to Zeina Mokaddem, Director of the Abu Dhabi office, about regulatory challenges, dialogue between governments and operators, licence fees and so-called ‘paper satellites’.

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Middle East Growth Underpinned by Government Support

Posted on 1st April 2010

The growth of the Middle Eastern telecommunications sector over the last 10 years has been no accident. Early trails into Africa, Asia and then Europe blazed by Orascom, Wataniya were followed by Etisalat and others. Zain may recently have seen fit to withdraw into its Middle Eastern Heartland with the sale of its African unit – at a substantial multiple of the price it paid – but this is an exception, and the Middle East’s network operators continue to have a strong and growing presence in Africa, Asia and Europe. But while business cases and balance sheets will generally drive commercial ventures, the success of the Middle Eastern operators has been supported by another important pillar: sustained government support.

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Tackling Market Access

Posted on 1st December 2009

The issue of regulation is hugely important for the provision of satellite services in any region of the world. The regulators make the rules in terms of market access to any given country. In some cases, the regulations that new entrants need to meet are complex, licenses can be expensive and no region is the same as the next. Helen Jameson spoke to Zeina Mokaddem, Director of Market Access in the Middle East region for Access Partnership, and discussed the challenges, the recent Global Symposium for Regulators, the economic crisis and the future of regulation in the EMEA region.

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The Digital Dividend

Posted on 26th November 2009

Ross Bateson discusses the Digital Dividend as part of the ITU’s CIS Connect conference in Minsk, Belarus. Presentation on the Digital Dividend took place after a speech by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and before the heads of state of several of the attendant countries took to the podium. Access Partnership works with the GSM Association to ensure that the Digital Dividend is used to help boost universal coverage of mobile broadband.

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