Access Partnership Paper on Norms for Cybersecurity in Southeast Asia

Posted on 23rd November 2017


Broad adoption of cybersecurity norms can help promote social development, economic development, and lend stability and security. That’s why Access Partnership have published a white paper on cybersecurity norms in Southeast Asia for the Global Conference on CyberSpace.

Norms have a long history of reducing conflict between states, and after transposing the concept to cyberspace, they can create flexible and simply-spread shared behaviours. It’s these shared behaviours that build predictable and stable environments for businesses and citizens alike, as well as encouraging international cooperation on cybersecurity.

Access Partnership’s paper assesses the policy and issues in Southeast Asia, outlines the existing efforts around cybersecurity norms and related activities in a variety of forums, and charts their development processes. It explains the benefits of collaborative cybersecurity for the region, and suggests some areas for the region’s stakeholders to continue work on norms development.

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