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We believe our employees are our greatest asset

Working from six offices worldwide,  our 70-strong team comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, including policy, legal, regulatory and engineering, speaking 17 languages including French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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Abdou Lo

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Abdou supports clients in the charitable, communications, food, government, pharmaceutical, and energy sectors. READ FULL BIO

Adam Collins

Content Manager
Adam works across departments to provide editorial support for all outbound written products, including reports, editorials, presentations, and digital content. READ FULL BIO

Ahmed El Sherbini

Senior Advisor, Middle East
Dr. Ahmed El Sherbini is a Professor at Cairo University. READ FULL BIO

Aleksander Lubojemski

Policy Analyst, UK & Europe
Aleksander works with the Europe/UK Team under the Policy Innovation Pillar as a policy analyst. READ FULL BIO

Allan Ruiz

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Allan is an expert in telecommunications, digital technologies and the development of public policies and regulations. READ FULL BIO

Anja Engen

Policy Analyst, Emerging Markets
Anja is passionate about engaging debate and critical thinking on the relationship between politics and technology, as well as how tech may support sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation. READ FULL BIO

Annet Wanjiru

Engineer, Infrastructure
Annet is a telecommunications engineer by profession who believes in using engineering to make a positive impact in society. READ FULL BIO
Azar Zarrebini

Azar Zarrebini

Multilateral & Sustainability
Azar works on compatibility studies in interference and coexistence in mobile radio scenarios, focusing on mobile and cognitive systems. READ FULL BIO

Christopher joined Access Partnership in 2012, and has since contributed to growth in emerging markets across five continents.

Christopher Casrrubias Head of Region, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East

Bensen Koh

Manager, Asia
Bensen Koh is a Manager with Access Partnership's Policy Transformation team. He works with companies to help them find opportunities for growth in the face of an increasingly uncertain future. READ FULL BIO
Mr. Bharat Bhatia has over 45 years of experience in Telecom and ICT policy, regulations and spectrum management. READ FULL BIO

Calil Queiroz

Engineer, Multilateral & Sustainability
Calil is a Regulatory Engineer for the Fair Tech Policy team. READ FULL BIO

Carlo Agdamag

Policy Analyst, Regulatory Compliance and Market Access
Carlo is a Philippine-licensed lawyer specialising in antitrust, trade law, and telecoms regulation. Prior to joining Access Partnership, Carlo worked for the Philippine Competition Commission. READ FULL BIO

Caroline Willis

Senior Operations Manager
Caroline manages the daily operations of Access Partnership’s London office and provides direct support to the office directors.  READ FULL BIO

Chris Snowdon

Senior Manager, Infrastructure
Chris has worked in ICT regulation since 2000, in both the public and private sectors. READ FULL BIO
Christopher Martin leads Access Partnership’s office in Singapore and manages operations in the Asia Pacific. READ FULL BIO

Chrystel Erotokritou

Manager, Compliance
As a Compliance Manager, Chrystel advises telecom, aerospace and technology clients on navigating the regulatory and policy environment. READ FULL BIO

Chung Kang

Senior Advisor, Asia
Chung G. Kang is a full professor of radio communication engineering at Korea University and is currently serving as the steering committee chair of Satellite Communication (SatCom) Forum in Korea. READ FULL BIO
Colin Thomson

Colin Thomson

Head of Practice, Infrastructure
Colin provides support to wireless network operators, systems integrators and equipment manufacturers to ensure laws and regulation the swift delivery of these services to market. READ FULL BIO
Crispian wong

Crispian Wong

Senior Manager, Asia
Crispian helps technology companies identify and capture growth opportunities by navigating the commercial and geopolitical environment through stakeholder engagement strategies. READ FULL BIO

Dana Poponete

Policy Analyst, UK & Europe
Dana is a Policy Analyst on the UK & Europe team in Access Partnership’s Policy Innovation pillar. Her work focuses on connectivity, telecommunications, and cybersecurity within the EU. READ FULL BIO
David K

David Kaye

Operations Director
David leads Access Partnership’s global Operations team and has oversight of all client projects and internal programmes. READ FULL BIO

Dileep Srihari

Senior Policy Counsel
Dileep Srihari is Senior Policy Counsel in Access Partnership’s Washington, DC office. He focuses on data policy, cybersecurity, and telecommunications infrastructure issues. READ FULL BIO

Dimitar Ushev

Management Accountant
Dimitar helps with management of financial and non-financial performance and is responsible of controlling company finances with the utmost goal of maximising shareholder value. READ FULL BIO

Busyairah Syd Ali

Multilateral & Sustainability
Busyairah is Access Partnership's Aeronautical Communications Manager within our Multilateral and Sustainability team. READ FULL BIO

Dr. John Ure

Director, Fair Tech Institute
John has wide experience in consultation work for UN agencies such as the World Bank, the IFC, the ITU, UNDP, UNESCAP and others, and for many private sector companies, policy makers and regulators, across Asia Pacific and Central Asia. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Peter Lovelock

Principal, Fair Tech Institute
Between 1999 and 2004, Peter built and ran China’s leading IT research consultancy, and prior to that he was a lead policy analyst at the UN in Geneva. READ FULL BIO

Dr. Sergio Rodriguez-Albarran

Engineer, Infrastructure
Sergio is an Engineer and supports Access Partnership's Fair Tech Policy team. In the past, he has collaborated in numerous multidisciplinary projects involving electronics, RF and microwave design, simulation construction and testing. READ FULL BIO

Emmet Byrne

Senior Manager
As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Emmet sits on the statutory board and is responsible for the financial management and stewardship of Access Partnership. READ FULL BIO

Erik Jacobs

Policy Manager, US
Erik Jacobs is Policy Manager, U.S. and Asia on Access Partnership’s Policy Innovation team. READ FULL BIO

Ethan Mudavanhu

Policy Analyst, Compliance
Ethan works as part of the Policy Analyst in the Regulatory Compliance and Market Access team. READ FULL BIO

Faiza Saleem

Manager, Fair Tech Institute
Faiza is a policy and research analyst with experience in socio-economic policy issues, impact investing, and the social enterprise space. READ FULL BIO
Fernando Borjon

Fernando Borjón

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Fernando Borjón has more than 20 years’ experience in the ICT sector, working primarily with the Mexican government. READ FULL BIO

Gareth Tan

Analyst, Asia
Gareth Tan is a policy specialist with expertise in policy issues relating to ASEAN and its member-states, and a strong interest in regional and national policy towards Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. READ FULL BIO

Geeta Castle

Senior Advisor, Policy Transformation
Geeta Castle is a Senior Advisor for Policy Transformation, covering the Asia Pacific region. Geeta supports client service for the world’s most innovative brands. READ FULL BIO

Gideon Lett

Senior Advisor, Asia
Gideon Lett brings two decades of experience and relationships to work for clients at the intersection of technology and public policy. READ FULL BIO

Giuseppe Holm

Talent Acquisition Manager
As a Talent Acquisition Manager, Giuseppe collaborates with our global teams attracting top talent. READ FULL BIO

Gökhan Tok

Policy Manager, Compliance
Gökhan works on global digital policies and regulations, with a particular focus on market access, technological convergence, next generation connectivity and data governance. READ FULL BIO
Gordon Mackay

Gordon Mackay

Practice Lead Multilateral Organisations and Sustainability
Gordon is part of our Fair Tech Policy team where he and his team help businesses navigate the complex multilateral landscape, in which policy-makers play an increasingly prominent role in developing policies and recommendations that guide domestic and regional regulatory action for emerging technologies. READ FULL BIO

Grace Gown

Senior Manager, Global Government Advisory
Grace has worked both in the public and private sectors, with wide-ranging experience developing, implementing and influencing government policy. READ FULL BIO
Greg F

Greg Francis

Managing Director
Greg supports some of the world’s largest governments and companies in developing and executing public affairs strategies. READ FULL BIO

Greg Oakland

Resource Manager
Greg is responsible for Access Partnership's workforce planning, he works with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that the business is set up for success, through effective forecasting and capacity planning, when delivering against their strategic plans.  READ FULL BIO

Haude Lannon

Director, UK & Europe
Haude specialises in EU policy, Brexit and business development. READ FULL BIO
Hector Huici

Héctor Huici

Senior Advisor
Hector Huici has more than 30 years’ experience in the ICT sector, working primarily with the Argentinian government. READ FULL BIO
Hector Urrea

Héctor Urrea

Senior Advisor, Latin America
Héctor is a consultant in the ICT sector, advising companies, academic institutions and sector associations, especially directing and leading projects in the Andean region. READ FULL BIO

Heizo Takenaka

Senior Advisor, Asia
Heizo Takenaka is a professor emeritus at Keio University and the former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications (2001-2006) of Japan. READ FULL BIO

Helen Kyeyune

Senior Manager, Emerging Markets
Helen has specialist knowledge in areas such as licensing and compliance regimes, consumer data mobility, fixed broadband usage, infrastructure, radio spectrum management, and universal access. READ FULL BIO

Héloïse Martorell

Manager, UK & Europe
Héloïse monitors the policy and regulatory landscape in Europe, with a special focus on France and the UK. READ FULL BIO

Hugo Trivino

Senior Policy Manager, Emerging Markets
Hugo has significant experience in the communications sector, most recently serving in the Ministry of ICT of Colombia, where he led satellite issues and spectrum management. READ FULL BIO
Hussein Abul-Enein

Hussein Abul-Enein

Senior Policy Manager, Emerging Markets
As a Senior Policy Manager, Hussein analyses policy issues and trends across the digital ecosystem, with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa. READ FULL BIO
Ilaria Bencivenga

Ilaria Bencivenga

Manager, Compliance
Ilaria monitors and analyses ICT regulatory and licensing frameworks in over a hundred jurisdictions, helping companies access markets and ensure their compliance. READ FULL BIO

Ivan Suarez

Senior Policy Manager, Multilateral & Sustainability
Ivan is a member of our Multilateral Practice team. He helps businesses understand policy contexts in new markets and navigate the complex multilateral landscape for emerging technologies. READ FULL BIO

Jack Bradley

Digital Marketing Executive
Jack is a digital marketing executive on Access Partnership’s marketing team. READ FULL BIO

Jacob Hafey

Policy Analyst, US
Jacob is an analyst with the Policy Innovation team, covering a wide range of topics including artificial intelligence ethics, political risk, and space and satellite communications. READ FULL BIO

Jenny Wan

Analyst, Fair Tech Institute
Previously, Jenny has worked for the Telecoms Research Project based at the University of Hong Kong and as a research associate for TRPC, during which she was responsible for the planning and execution of various market and policy research projects. READ FULL BIO

Johnson Talabi

Management Accountant
Johnson is Access Partnership’s Management Accountant and has expertise in budgeting and forecasting, business partnering, client due diligence and enhanced due diligence. READ FULL BIO

Jonathan Gonzalez

Senior Manager, Global Government Advisory
Jonathan is a research manager with experience in media, academia, and government across Europe and Asia. READ FULL BIO

Josua Pena

Policy Analyst, Multilateral & Sustainability
Josua is an engineer supporting the Future Tech Institute pillar. His expertise in spectrum compatibility analysis, satellite frequency coordination, and technical regulation assist clients to ensure regulatory compliance. READ FULL BIO
Juan Cacace

Juan Cacace

Director, Compliance
Juan gains market access for new technologies worldwide, by helping companies to comply with regulations as well as obtain licenses and permits for their products & services. READ FULL BIO

Juliana Ramirez

Policy Analyst, Compliance
Juliana is joining Access Partnership  with +10 years of experience in the public sector, having worked mostly in digital development and ICT policy. READ FULL BIO

Kaisu Karvala

Geography Lead, UK & Europe
Kaisu Karvala leads the Policy Innovation team at Access Partnership and works to develop policy, law and regulation with both Brussels institutions and individual Member States. READ FULL BIO

Kar Joon Fan

Manager, Global Government Advisory
Kar Joon works as part of Access Partnership's Global Government Advisory (GGA) practice as a Manager and specialises in tech policy around digital innovation and equal access. READ FULL BIO

Karen Muhammad

Office Manager
Karen is the Office Manager at the Access Partnership London office. READ FULL BIO
Kenn Yee

Kenn Yee

Policy Analyst, Asia
Kenn specialises in the APAC region, focusing on 5G, digital policy, cybersecurity, Internet governance, networking, and cross-border data flows. READ FULL BIO

Khurshid Khan

Senior Sales Operations Manager
Khurshid works in sales operations as part of the sales & marketing team.


Kornelia Narazinska

HR Business Partner
Kornelia has eight years of experience in HR, following the completion of her degree in Human Resources Management and Business. READ FULL BIO
Kristiyanto specialises in Indonesia’s technology policies for data privacy, cybersecurity, smart city, and transportation. READ FULL BIO

Layla Ali

Analyst, Fair Tech Institute
Layla Ali entered a career as a first time research assistant in 2016, a career change after 15 years in the food and beverage industry READ FULL BIO

Leslie Martinkovics

Director, Infrastructure
Leslie works in Space and Satellite Spectrum with an expertise is international government relations, technology policy and spectrum management. READ FULL BIO

Lim May-Ann

Director, Fair Tech Institute
May-Ann has extensive experience in public policy, technology policy development, and government relations communications across the Asia Pacific region. READ FULL BIO

Linden Petzer

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Linden Petzer has over 30 years’ experience in spectrum management and ICT regulation and has served as South Africa’s Chief Director of Radio and Satellite Communication. READ FULL BIO
Logan Finucan

Logan Finucan

Senior Manager, US
Logan supports the implementation of advocacy strategies of several leading ICT clients including device manufacturers, cloud and digital services providers, as well as satellite and telecommunications operators. READ FULL BIO

Luca O'Neill

Marketing Manager
Luca works across departments to provide marketing support for all outbound content. READ FULL BIO

Lydia Dettling

Analyst, UK & Europe
Lydia is Analyst for Access Partnership's UK and Europe team under the Policy Innovation pillar, focusing mainly on EU policy. READ FULL BIO

Makhtar Fall

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Makhtar Fall is a telecommunication engineer specialising in radiocommunications, and has over 20 years' experience in telecommunications policy. READ FULL BIO

Marc Girouard

Senior Advisor, Policy Innovation
Marc has over 25 years of experience in ICT working primarily in the Canadian Government where he has developed exhaustive experience in creating and changing policies at both national and international levels. READ FULL BIO

Marcelo Pizarro Cruz

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
He has led the incorporation and growth of various brands in the market and the deployment of different technologies in Chile to keep it at the forefront of technology in the region, leading multidisciplinary and multicultural work teams. READ FULL BIO

Marcin Cichy

Senior Advisor, EMEA
Marcin Cichy advises technology, media and telecom clients on navigating the economic and regulatory environment. READ FULL BIO
Matthew McDermott

Matthew McDermott

Chief Business Development Officer
Matthew advises across a range of sectors to help companies and trade associations address regulatory barriers and execute government affairs strategies. READ FULL BIO

Melanie Paquin

Project Coordinator
Melanie assists with both project management and business change support and delivery across the company. READ FULL BIO

Melissa Govender

Senior Manager, Emerging Markets
Melissa Govender works as a Senior Policy Manager for the African continent, identifying areas for collaboration within the digital economy. READ FULL BIO

Michael Gallagher

Senior Advisor, US
Michael has over 25 years of experience engaging with the highest levels of industry and government, as well as working with CEO’s and leaders of early-stage companies to leverage value strategies at the intersection of technology, policy, and politics. READ FULL BIO

Michael Khoo

Senior Manager, Asia
Michael's research interests include video gaming, intellectual property rights, social media and next gen devices. He sees ICT as an integral part of the fabric of society today, particularly in promoting democracy and development. READ FULL BIO
mike L

Mike Laughton

Senior Manager, UK & Europe Policy
As Policy Manager for the Policy Innovation team, Mike’s main expertise lies in EU policy, Brexit, digital tax and space. READ FULL BIO

Mike Liu

Senior Advisor, China
Mike Liu is a seasoned executive with 30+ years of experience in digital transformation and market growth strategies with leading technology multinationals. READ FULL BIO
Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson

Director, Multilateral & Sustainability
As Director for Technical Development, Mike provides technical and engineering support to network operators in the terrestrial and satellite markets. READ FULL BIO
Mila Gocheva

Mila Gocheva

PMO Manager
Mila helps deliver the largest advocacy campaigns for new products and services, and is responsible for programme management activities and internal development projects. READ FULL BIO
Minjoo Jang

Minjoo Jang

Analyst, Asia
Minjoo is a native South Korean currently residing in Seoul. She specializes in analysing political, economic trends and policies in the Asia-Pacific region for global clients' risk management. READ FULL BIO

Motheo Mtimkulu

Policy Analyst, Compliance
Motheo Mtimkulu joins our firm as an Analyst in Compliance and Market Intelligence.  READ FULL BIO

Nada Ihab

Policy Manager, Emerging Markets
Nada Ihab supports various campaigns in the MEALA region, analyses and reports on policy trends and regulatory roadblocks for disruptive technologies. READ FULL BIO

Nathalie Mendy

Manager, Compliance
As a Policy Implementation Manager, Nathalie prepares reports and advises a broad range of clients on navigating the regulatory and policy environment around the globe. READ FULL BIO

Nicole Stevens

Head of People and Development
Nicole supports our global offices with people and development programmes. READ FULL BIO

Nimisha Tailor

Senior Consultant, Asia
Nimisha has international experience in the field of competition and regulation. She has a deep understanding of how regulators operate and how markets function. READ FULL BIO

Oana Mondan

Performance Analyst
Oana is our Performance Analyst taking on and building out, our data analytics and reporting function. READ FULL BIO

Paula Rabacov

Analyst, Emerging Markets
Paula monitors the policy and regulatory landscape in the Middle East, Africa & Latin America. She has extensive experience in public law and regulatory matters. READ FULL BIO

Rahul Mullick

Senior Advisor, Asia
Rahul is a seasoned Digital Strategy Advisor with many years of professional experience in Digital & ICT in the Global Consulting & International Development sector. READ FULL BIO

Raúl Lazcano Moyano

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Raúl has worked in the telecommunications sector in Chile for 28 years and in the private sector, directing technical teams in charge of the operation of telecommunications networks, as well as teaching in various educational institutions in Chile. READ FULL BIO
Rebecca works across departments to provide editorial support for all outbound written products, including reports, editorials, presentations, and digital content. READ FULL BIO

Rohan Gogeer

Analyst, UK and Europe
Rohan is an Analyst for the UK and Europe Team at Access Partnership, analysing the impacts of new laws, tech policy change and regulations in areas such as Brexit. READ FULL BIO

Rosa Peregrina

Accounts Assistant
Rosa has 19 years of experience working as an accountant in Mexico, Spain and the UK. She supports colleagues, vendors and managers in order to obtain the best results. READ FULL BIO

Sarah Lee

Manager, Fair Tech Institute
Sarah brings with her policy experience from the public sector, having previously worked at the Ministry of Defense, Singapore, where she developed an expertise on issues of both diplomatic and operational nature. READ FULL BIO
Seha Yatim

Seha Yatim

Senior Policy Manager, Asia
Seha Yatim helps companies navigate the technology-related regulatory and policy environment in the Asia Pacific region, with a special focus on ASEAN. READ FULL BIO

Shantha Kujaylan

Office Manager, Singapore
Shantha brings over 15 years of administrative experience in Office Management, HR and accounts. READ FULL BIO

Shantha Kujaylan

Office Manager, Singapore
Shantha brings over 15 years of administrative experience in Office Management, HR and accounts.  READ FULL BIO

Shenita West

Office Manager, US
Shenita is the Administrator at the Access Partnership Washington DC office.  She brings 20 years of administrative, office management and HR experience.  READ FULL BIO

Xin Yi Sim

Policy Analyst, Asia
Xin Li has previously liaised with government bodies to shape international regulatory reforms on financial sector issues, including international tax and sustainable finance. READ FULL BIO
Simon Jones is Non-Executive Chair of Access Partnership having formerly been a Non-Executive Director and Head of Growth. READ FULL BIO

Simona Lipstaite

Director, UK & Europe
Simona’s main focus is on European Union policies, Brexit, and national capitals in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. READ FULL BIO

Síofra Hendry

Policy Analyst, UK & Europe
Síofra is a Policy Analyst on the UK & Europe team in our Policy Innovation pillar, where she works on issues relating to cybersecurity, platform regulation, and telecommunications within the EU. READ FULL BIO

Stephen Thompson

Senior Advisor, US
With over twenty years as an information security expert, Stephen is a proven leader in data security, government agency security architecture, and computer forensics investigation READ FULL BIO

Tamer Azab

Director, Emerging Markets
Tamer provides advice on policy and regulation to clients from Access Partnership’s Abu Dhabi office, managing their services in the Middle East and aiding access to markets globally. READ FULL BIO

Thamilla Talarico

Senior Advisor, Emerging Markets
Thamilla is an expert in data privacy and protection with an extended knowledge of technology, business, society and law. READ FULL BIO

Théo Bougouin

Engineering Manager, Multilateral & Sustainability
Théo focuses on spectrum and technical coordination matter. He also works on filing & coordination, technical policy and regulatory engineering. READ FULL BIO

Tural Aliyev

Engineering Manager, Multilateral & Sustainability
Tural is a spectrum management and regulatory affairs specialist with an MSc in Wireless communication and signal processing from the University of Bristol. READ FULL BIO

Tushar Gandhi

Senior Advisor, Asia
With over 15 years’ experience in public affairs and strategic communications, Tushar works to support client service for the world’s most innovative brands. READ FULL BIO
Vadim Doronin

Vadim Doronin

Senior Manager, Compliance
Vadim works to manage regulatory compliance and market access, ensuring that our clients obtain their needed authorisations worldwide. READ FULL BIO

Yamel Sarquis

Policy Manager, Emerging Markets
Yamel Sarquis works as a manager for the MEALA team out of Access Partnership's Washington, DC office. Yamel has policy and advocacy experience across Latin America and the Caribbean. READ FULL BIO

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