Press Release: Monument Advocacy and Access Partnership Announce Global Strategic Alliance

Posted on 18th June 2020

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Global Tech Policy Reach coupled with Key U.S. Market Penetration give Clients Best-in-Class Counsel

London & Washington, D.C. – June 17, 2020. Monument Advocacy and Access Partnership are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic alliance, combining Access Partnership’s broad global expertise in tech policy covering the EU, Middle East, Africa, APAC and Latin America, with Monument Advocacy’s depth of specialized knowledge of the U.S. public policy and advocacy landscape.

The alliance will further support clients in industries such as technology, telecom, financial services, aerospace, automotive and media by offering joint U.S. and European counsel on legal and regulatory matters, general advocacy, public affairs, strategic and crisis communications, and risk management work. Both Monument Advocacy and Access Partnership have expertise in the areas of cybersecurity, data privacy, cross-border data flow and emerging technology issues.

C. Stewart Verdery, Jr., CEO and Founder of Monument Advocacy commented, “The joint venture between Access Partnership and Monument Advocacy brings together two powerful players on the global tech policy stage. Technology is the key driver of economic growth, but if we are to continue to follow that path of progress, it becomes the number one job to engage policymakers on effective balance between policy that protects consumers and regulation that makes progress grind to a halt. This partnership will enable us to better inform, educate, and connect policymakers and industries subject to digitalization.”

Notes Greg Francis, Managing Director of Access Partnership, “This collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time. New data-driven disruptive business models are emerging, taking hold and sticking, at a dizzying pace. While tech giants are rolling out new products and services, regulators have to walk a delicate balance between anticipating potentially harmful behaviors and head them off at the pass, while not impeding economic growth or the convenience that consumers have come to expect from Big Tech. Hence the critical role played by tech policy experts as governments and companies find ways to cut a forward-moving path.”

About Monument Advocacy

Monument is a bipartisan firm focused on providing its clients with the best strategic advice on how to engage effectively in today’s challenging and crowded public policy marketplace. Our unique model combines issue expertise, political wisdom, and an understanding of how the national and global environment affect a client’s objectives. Investing in Monument means getting a partner that understands the difference between strategy and tactics. We pride ourselves on working closely with your team, becoming subject matter experts on your issues, and understanding your culture. Using these insights, we build and execute a winning campaign. For more, please visit

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About Access Partnership

Access Partnership is the world’s leading public policy firm providing market access for technology. We monitor and analyze global trends for the risks and opportunities they create for technology businesses and identify strategies to mitigate those risks and drive the opportunities to our clients’ advantage. Our team uniquely mixes policy and technical expertise to optimize outcomes for companies operating at the intersection of technology, data, and connectivity. For more, please visit

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