Public Procurement and Cloud Service Providers in the European Union

Posted on 21st June 2018

Cloud procurement across the European Union (EU) and its member states can present a number of challenges to cloud service providers who wish to operate in Europe.

The public procurement process in the EU is a complicated, multi-pronged, multi-institution process requiring bidding businesses to navigate several levels of rules and regulations. At the EU level, general procurement rules and regulations are bound by the 2014 Directive, which sets harmonised procedural rules for procurement practices across all EU member states.

While the EU does not set specific rules on cloud procurement, EU authorities have put in place guidance for procuring agencies to consider when seeking cloud services, particularly in the financial sector. At the national member-state level, cloud procurement is additionally affected by supplemental sets of national frameworks, regulations and guidance.

Eu Procurement Cover

As experts in the field of regulatory policy, Access Partnership has the knowledge and expertise to help guide clients through this convoluted landscape of cloud procurement. Our public policy specialists have a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment across the EU and its member states, and possess extensive sector-specific knowledge, particularly in the fields of finance and health. These attributes allow us to provide our clients with  comprehensive solutions to help achieve their goals with minimal fuss.

This report provides a snapshot of our capacity to deconstruct the complexities of EU procurement rules.

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