Public Procurement and Cloud Service Providers in the United Kingdom

Posted on 18th July 2018

The United Kingdom (UK) has systematically embraced electronic procurement methods and cloud-first as core policies to achieve cost savings, efficiency, and reliability for government agencies. The UK’s central procurement procedures are solely handled through e-procurement platforms, including an exclusive digital marketplace which handles public sector procurement for digital goods and services, such as cloud.

The government’s cloud-first policy has promoted cloud adoption across all government agencies, acting as a vote of confidence in broader cloud uptake across UK society, including in the financial and health sectors. Since then, the government’s G-Cloud framework and progress toward becoming a “cloud native” has pushed the government towards adopting and seeking further innovation in cloud solutions in order to provide high-level, scalable, and reliable e-government services to its constituents. The UK also issues regular reports and cloud guidance regarding the implementation of data protection, security, and privacy recommendations across sectors.

As experts in the field of regulatory policy, Access Partnership has the knowledge and expertise to help guide clients through the cloud procurement landscape. Our public policy specialists have a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment across the UK, the EU, and its member states, and possess extensive sector-specific knowledge, particularly in the fields of finance and health. These attributes allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to help achieve their goals with minimal fuss.

Cloud Procurement UK

This report examines the regulations, rules and procedures surrounding procurement, and more specifically cloud procurement, in the UK. We provide a snapshot of the laws, regulations, and guidance that may impact cloud uptake and outsourcing in public, financial, and healthcare sectors.

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