Ensuring Your Technical Policy Compliance

All new technologies and services, whether they operate on land, the sea, in the air or from space, must conform with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Radio Regulations. These regulations aim to promote technological advances, equitable access, and rational use of spectrum to avoid waste and harmful interference. Member states reflect these tenets in their regional and national policies, prescribing market access requirements for communication technologies and services.

What Access Partnership Provides

Through our technical and regulatory expertise, Access Partnership is a leader in the introduction of new radio technologies and services to market.  Our team of experts offer the following services:

  • System design — optimising the performance of technology and bench-marking performance against industry best practice.
  • Regulatory — developing compatibility analysis to help clients and regulators understand the interference environment likely to result from the introduction of new technologies or services, and identifying if and how to mitigate any unacceptable interference.
  • Spectrum management — determining the most appropriate regulatory or licensing framework to use to ensure optimal efficiency and economic benefits from new technologies or services.
  • Network coordination — undertaking network coordination, following Radio Regulations processes as necessary, to support sustainable market access.

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