Space News: ITU Wants Megaconstellations to Meet Tougher Launch Milestones

Posted on 9th May 2019

Access Partnership’s Director Mike Thompson spoke to Space News about how ITU’s rules surrounding NGSO constellations bring and keep into use their spectrum are changing and how a shift from needing just one satellite to deploying satellites in accordance with milestones will be discussed at WRC-19.

“Of concern is that with less than six months before WRC-19 convenes, there remains a lack of agreement regarding what milestones should be chosen. Everyone agrees yes, we should have milestones, but I haven’t seen anyone agreeing on what those milestones should be. When it comes to the conference, I think there will be a lot of late night oil burnt trying to hammer out what exactly is the best compromise for everybody.”

Thompson said constellation ventures already engaged in developing or deploying their systems will push for milestones they think will help cement their early lead.

“They would like to create a hurdle that they can just clear themselves, but might actually restrict some competitors following on behind them,” Thompson said.

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