Tech Policy Trends 2019

Posted on 4th March 2019

During the first weeks of this year Access Partnership has surveyed the environment for the technology sector worldwide.  In this report, we present what in our view constitute the top ten trends to watch for 2019. From digital tax to WTO reform, our teams explore how shifts in tech policy could disrupt business globally while highlighting some governments’ race to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence, digital identity and smart cities.  In still other jurisdictions, public anger is fuelled by data and cyber breaches, online misinformation and tax avoidance, driving more tech regulation at the very moment when the underpinnings of the global economy seem less solid than any time since 2008.

2019’s challenge to all companies with a stake in technology will be to bring forward policy solutions that anticipate law making and regulation setting from governments that will react to public opinion.  Some answers from the content below begin to suggest themselves, but this year will require original thinking throughout if the long-term benefits of our sector are to be balanced against the current public mood.


  • EU Digital Policy Up in the Air
  • Digital Tax in the EU Gets Real
  • Finding the “Right” Regulation for Online Platforms
  • GDPR Goes Global
  • Cyber Policy in the Global Arena
  • Smart Cities in Asia Get Smarter
  • Digital Identity: A New Impetus for Stronger Management
  • The Thriving AI Ecosystem
  • Intelligent Healthcare
  • WTO Reform Gathers Steam

We wish you happy and careful reading about this great challenge of our age.

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