Does trade protectionism threaten your business?

Global ICT companies face trade issues every day — but while liberalising international trade was once a given, policy-makers are now reconsidering. At the same time, while more international commerce is digital, there are very few international trade rules governing digital.  Access Partnership helps companies navigate this shifting environment where trade protectionism threatens to disrupt old business arrangements and new expansion plans.

Our experienced staff includes former Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) and U.S. services negotiators, and are drawn from across the telecommunications and ICT industries, as well as from national regulators, private legal practice, and technical assistance programmes.

What Access Partnership Provides

  • Shift trade barriersWhen changes in a market threaten your business, we analyse the regulatory situation, and help companies remove trade barriers through engagement and advocacy with relevant stakeholders.
  • Build relationships and position your companyBefore problems arise, we help companies build relationships of trust with relevant officials and develop forward-thinking policy messages to defend business goals.
  • Shape market entrance strategiesWe provide strategic advice considering the complex political and policy environment impacting trade to help companies make strategic decisions regarding market entrance and investment.
  • Monitor and analyse policies and standards for their impact on your businessWe monitor and analyse the impact of trade politics and negotiations on our clients’ products and services, to identify existing and upcoming barriers and opportunities.

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