Webinar Recording | Digital Sovereignty: A Europe-First Technology Policy?

Posted on 18th February 2020

In the midst of the US-China trade war, the European Commission is making preparations for its own bid at global technological dominance using the most-feared weapon at its disposal, regulation. Frustrated at the continued dominance of US tech companies and wary of the rapid growth of Chinese competitors, EU policymakers are determined to assert European values on the global tech scene and support the growth of European tech companies which can compete worldwide. The next 12 months will see moves towards legislation on artificial intelligence, data sharing and content regulation to name but a few, with the EU eager to replicate the global impact of the GDPR.

In this webinar, we discussed how Europe’s “digital sovereignty” approach will guide the next five years of technology policy and regulation in the EU (and beyond). We then dived into three key focus areas: the data strategy, the digital services act, and emerging technologies like AI and quantum.


• Digital Sovereignty: Crowning the Queens of the European Tech Scene
• Dude, Where’s My Data? The European Commission’s Vision for a Data Strategy
• The Digital Services Act: Content Regulated
• Inventing Tomorrow: Artificial Intelligence, Edge and Quantum Computing
• Q&A

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