Webinar Recording: Ensuring Your Company’s Privacy Compliance in 2019 and Beyond

Posted on 20th January 2019

Global rules around data and privacy are diverging rapidly. Companies can still shape the emerging landscape, but the window of opportunity is closing fast — to find out how, watch our webinar as we discuss ways to help you respond to and define new regulatory regimes.

During the session, we analysed what’s driving this wave of regulatory demands, from the US and EU to India and Thailand.  We also looked at how leading companies are changing their practices to comply with new privacy and cyber rules and picked out what tools they’re using to do this, whether the requirements are GDPR-inspired or domestically-driven.



Alexis Serfaty, Director of Global Public Policy, Access Partnership
Halak Mehta, International Public Policy Manager, Access Partnership
Ryan Johnson, Senior Manager, Access Partnership

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