Webinar Recording | Impact of COVID-19 on the WRC-23 Process: Lessons for Consensus-building During the Pandemic

Posted on 24th June 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, multilateral organisations have been forced to postpone physical meetings, potentially affecting decision-making and international collaboration on a medium to long term basis. Some organisations have adapted quickly, bringing meetings online and progressing work by remote means; others have been resistant to fully moving online and could benefit from learning what is possible in this new environment.

As with all multilateral work, it will not always be possible to reach consensus with the first attempt. The established model of international travel and face-to-face meetings may be out of reach for years to come. Social distancing requirements may limit venues to smaller numbers of people, and vulnerable participants may choose not to attend such events. Virtual meetings may be the only option for some time.

Watch this webinar as we consider how three multilateral organisations have adjusted to life during the pandemic, and what lessons they can share from their experience.



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