Webinar Recording | Sustainability of Space: Managing Space Debris

Posted on 10th June 2020

The evolution of “cubesat” and other simplified satellite construction techniques has brought highly functional satellites within the reach of small corporates. Leveraging this, several companies have set out plans to launch large constellations of hundreds of satellites to provide global connectivity. But while these technical leaps suggest an imminent increase in connectivity, they also highlight the problem of disposal – what will happen to all these satellites when they reach their end-of-life? How can space debris be harnessed for good?

In a recent webinar, we considered these and other questions about the sustainability of space in the era of cheap and plentiful satellites.


  1. Sustainability of Space – the regulatory landscape (Access Partnership)
  2. Satellite refueling in orbit (Orbit Fab)
  3. Re-purposing space debris (Nanoracks)
  4. Summary and keynote: role of international harmonization to reach the goal of sustainable access to space (Access Partnership)
  5. Q&A


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