Webinar Recording: Trump’s Trade Agenda: Great Success or Total Disaster?

Posted on 21st November 2018

The Trump administration has fulfilled its promise to disrupt US trade practices. With a laser-like focus on deficits and manufacturing, high tech seems to have been forgotten. But is this retaliatory approach really working? In this webinar, we discussed the US’s high-stakes mission to “win” trade.

Confusion could well be part of US strategy, with the trade war jumping from threatening the existence of tech companies to sudden rapprochement, high-level negotiations derailed by pushes to roll back the Made in China 2025 industrial plan, and goods falling in and out of tariff proposals with no explanation.

Is there method in the madness? During the session, we untangled the back and forth between the US and China and set out what this all means for the tech sector.


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