Via Satellite: EchoStar Fails in Initial Bid for Inmarsat

Posted on 18th June 2018

Mike Thompson, Director for Technical Development at Access Partnership spoke to Via Satellite on EchoStar’s bid to acquire Inmarsat.

Inmarsat is particularly vulnerable right now to a bid, such as EchoStar’s, according to Thompson. “Their older-generation satellites have enjoyed a loyal customer base and reasonably steady revenues. However, just as the terrestrial world is moving to 4G/5G cellular service, customers of satellite service want more data speed for less money. Inmarsat made a bold move to invest in a global Ka-band network, but as we have seen they haven’t been able to capitalize on that yet. Their first-mover advantage is ebbing away, and their legacy services are in price-decline, so my guess is that EchoStar may not be the only one with an interest,” he says.

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